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Escorting children

The child, taken from his family, does not understand what is coming...That morning a small miracle occurs: the child is transformed, trust is established and he grabs hold of you. We only had a few hours to win him over!

Accompanying a child with Aviation Sans Frontières is an intense human experience.

Since we began this work in 1997, ASF's mission has been to accompany children born in developing countries and who need to undergo cutting-edge surgeries (cardiac, ophthalmic, orthopaedic or otherwise). They are accompanied to Europe and then back home. ASF carries out this mission in partnership with various partners including Chain of Hope who identify children who would benefit from an operation in Europe.

The goal of this activity is to supervise and care for these children throughout their journey to recovery. The companionship provided by our volunteer escorts alleviates the trauma arising from the trip and the temporary separation from their parents. 

Nadine and Pierre - 8-11 May 2014 – A successful return trip.

I found Pierre in front of the registration queue in Zaventem at 8.15 a.m. with his host mother Cécile, his father Philippe, his two older brothers and his little sister. He had changed so much since his arrival that I felt like he was another child. From a small child who was fearful, withdrawn, breathless, difficult to talk to due to language barriers, I found a child who was in great shape, lively, smiling and speaking French: what a wonderful contrast! Then it was time to say farewell, amid hugs and misty eyes. Pierre was both upset to separate from his wonderful host family and excited about leaving. We had a good time playing on the escalators and moving walkway on the way to the departure gate. It was at last time to board, to get settled in on the plane. He was so fascinated by everywhere he was going that he even refused to look out the window.
As it was his birthday, Pierre got invited to the cockpit.