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Managing your aviation projects

If your activities require aviation transport, ASF is the aviation advisor to assist you in preparing and implementing the project. More generally, if your activities involve aviation in one way or another, ASF will work with you to define the aviation components required for your project and can manage them for you. Because we are all experts in our own field!

Humanitarian aviation, a complex job

Aviation is without doubt one of the most regulated sectors in the world, along with the nuclear and space industries! In addition to increasingly complex regulatory issues to ensure air transport reliability, there are difficulties in operating aircraft in difficult or even hostile environments including security, navigational aid, ground support and extreme weather conditions.

ASF will share its know-how with you

ASF has thirty years of aviation expertise, humanitarian experience and a developmental approach that has assisted more than sixty aid and development organisations. We are also experts in project cycle management for the humanitarian management of air transport. ASF is:

ASF has therefore developed and adapted unique and innovative products such as participatory humanitarian management of local air transport or oblique aerial photography for local monitoring, both of which have received good feedback. 

Ability to mobilise appropriate aviation assets

With regard to air transport, ASF has the ability to assist you in identifying needs, quantifying air transport needs, selecting the most appropriate type of aircraft for the mission, sub-contracting aircraft (including contractual matters) and maintenance, management of flight logs, and monitoring of air operations. 

Definition of aviation components in a project

Your projects may require aerial work, such as aerial reconnaissance of environmental issues related to refugee sites or biodiversity management. Or, you may need to perform a Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) survey and may need to obtain a specific permit for the country in question. Based on our Terms of Service, ASF will work with you to find an effective solution.

ASF-Belgium in Madagascar: implementation of a unique and innovative methodology 

In 2006, the WWF Regional Office for Madagascar and Western Indian Ocean Islands called on ASF-Belgium to assist WWF and ANGAP (National Association for the Management of Protected Areas) to showcase the use of a microlight in aerial surveillance of national parks and protected areas in Southern Madagascar. Given that a microlight was considered by all to be without a doubt the most appropriate form of technology in terms of sustainable development, ASF-Belgium developed a unique and innovative oblique aerial photography methodology based on use of small aircraft. This quadrupled the cost-effectiveness ratio of the project’s aerial surveillance component while also ensuring future transferability given that the methodology uses local professional air operators. 

See also: “Our Actions” page, oblique aerial photography in Madagascar.