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Knowing ASF


Aviation Sans Frontières (Aviation without Borders) is a special meeting point, a place to share, a workshop forging common values between the aviation community and the humanitarian community.


With its aviation expertise, humanitarian experience, development approach and openness to the commercial aviation sector, ASF is looking at pooling resources in order to implement the most cost effective responses to disasters.  


ASF is foremost an independent humanitarian air operator which has managed the “last mile” niche through the use of 5-12 seater aircraft for bush flying in war affected countries over the last 35 years.


ASF is now working at facilitating humanitarian NGO access to efficient and reliable international air freight services when major disaster strikes, with partnerships inspired by the Corporate Social Responsibility of the aviation industry.


Based in Geneva, Aviation Sans Frontières International is an international NGO which serves as the umbrella organization of nine independent ASF national members worldwide: France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, Switzerland and Canada 


ASF national members undertake various specific activities such as accompaniment of children and refugee, delivery of humanitarian & medical parcels, international air freight, Kid’s days, biodiversity protection & management, etc.    


Aviation Without Borders works with other NGOs and partners with a high commitment to quality, based on humanitarian principles and practices.




ASF-France is the founding ASF organization in 1980, which was later joined by other ASF national organizations. The informal “European inter-ASF alliance network” achieved a dialogue between ASF, sat up guiding principles and a code of conduct, but still “jointness” was missing. Nevertheless, ASF-Europe members agreed in 2015 to create ASF-International in 2016 as a joint legal entity with a joint office in Geneva.


Extended ASF Organization


During the last three years, we have agreed on a vision, a mission, values and a humanitarian chart as well as on many other issues, including air support operations conducted under ASF-International name, a common logo and mode of governance called “Extended ASF Organization” (currently referred to as ‘ASF International’) based on the pooling various resources and existing competence centers or “skills clusters” within ASF:


Orly is the Joint Operations competence center for Humanitarian Flight Operations with ASF AOC (within ASF-France structure).


Frankfort is the Joint Operations competence center for Humanitarian (Air) Cargo and other Humanitarian Supply Chain activities (within ASF Germany structure).


Brussels is the Joint Operations competence center for the Humanitarian Management of Aviation Project as well as for programmatic support (within ASF-Belgium structure).


ASF Representation office in Geneva is hosting the ‘Extended ASF Organization’ structure, Board and management. It is the competence center for international representation, communication and fund raising. It is also setting up ASF ethical standards and sectoral strategies.


New clusters may emerge among national ASF for global activities: child accompaniment, Refugee escort, aerial & drone imagery and others e.g. responsible “volunturism” in support of social projects, etc.