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A gift makes all the difference. A permanent gift from you will bring you into the club of donors who enable ASF-International to transport humanitarian workers where others do not or no longer go. 


Help ASF International continue going where others do not or no longer go

For many groups isolated by war, insecurity or a lack of road infrastructure, the whirr of a Cessna approaching a bush runway is an extraordinary breath of hope that will fill the hearts of hundreds of people. It is an event that will change their fate, in places where an easily treatable infection could mean death for a child due to lack of appropriate healthcare.

Humanitarian air transport can’t be improvised in high risk areas. The unconditional generosity of the public has enabled the organisation to have its own funds to develop and maintain the capacity to offer Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) a service that gives them the full flexibility they need to be effective on the ground. It’s a ‘service’ where an aircraft is the most important component and includes the ability to ensure maintenance and operation in line with aeronautical and manufacturer regulations. It’s the full package!

Donation usage and transparency

Each person has their role! ASF-Belgium works with the DONORINFO foundation – as well as in behalf of ASF Internaitonal – to assess donation usage and transparency at ASF-Belgium. In addition, the organisation is regularly audited by the Belgian Federal Public Finances Department as an organisation that provides assistance to developing countries and that is authorised to deliver tax certificates.

Donorinfo is a fully independent non-profit foundation, which offers objective and verified information on the activities and financial means of philanthropic organisations that help people in need. Donorinfo's independence is ensured through self-funding without requiring private donations, public subsidies, sponsoring or other contributions. All services offered by Donorinfo are free both for site users and philanthropic organisations listed on the site. This model is unique in Belgium. 

Tax reduction for cash donations

Each year, your tax due is calculated based on personal circumstances and revenue. One way to reduce this amount is through the tax reductions from making a donation to an authorised organisation such as ASF-Belgium. Donations from €40 per year are tax deductible pursuant to Belgian Income Tax Code Article 145/33 of 13 December 2012. The tax reduction amounts to 45% of the amount donated, which will be stated in a tax certificate issued to you. However, this amount cannot exceed 10% of all your net revenue, or €376,350.


With a dual legacy, you benefit twofold:

If you do not have any direct heirs, dual legacy will allow you to bequest your estate to loved ones who will be exempt from inheritance duties. These duties will be covered by ASF-Belgium to whom you will appoint as universal legatee and a significant amount will be left. The State will receive less revenue and the amount not taken by the tax office will serve a humanitarian cause!

Let us look at an example of a €100,000 inheritance to a nephew: Normally, the nephew would pay 42.5% in inheritance duties in the Brussels region. The State would take €42,500 and €57,500 would be left to your nephew. In a dual legacy, you leave €60,000 of your estate to your nephew and €40,000 to ASF-Belgium. Your nephew will not have to pay inheritance duties and will be left €60,000.

ASF-Belgium will pay the nephew’s inheritance duties at 37.5% of €60,000, i.e. €22,500. ASF-Belgium will also pay its own inheritance duties at 12.5% of €40,000, i.e. €5,000. Therefore, ASF-Belgium will be left with €12,500 and in total the tax office will only take €27,500.

As with all regulations related to estates, the dual legacy must be assessed on a case-by-case basis by your notary public who will know the most appropriate tax solution for your situation. Dual legacies require preparation of a will.