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Volunteer at ASF

Put your spare time to good use and still enjoy yourself all in favour of an important cause. Make your ideas and enthusiasm count by participating in projects that will make a real difference for others. Join ASF as a volunteer!

Join us in implementing new ideas

Although our organisation has the human resources required to respect the management standards imposed by legal requirements and institutional funders, too many other innovative ideas and benefit-generating activities remain unused due to a lack of volunteers at hand. We have plenty for you to do! 

Lead a project that you’ll enjoy and provide others a service at the same time

If you have ideas, time and energy, contact us on 02 213 42 53 or e-mail us at We will discuss your and our expectations, and together we will try to identify the activity or project best suited for you based on your skills and volunteering needs.

All your skills are needed, even those that we haven’t thought of!

We might need a translation, an update to the website, preparation of technical aeronautical plans, monitoring of public donors, design work, monitoring of administration procedures, event organisation, fund-raising efforts, software development, new ways of communicating with the public, a bunch of other things, or of course escorting children.

Volunteer at ASF Belgium... You never know where it might be

One day surfing the web, I come across an ad that speaks to me as a believer of purposeful travel: “ASF-Belgium seeks volunteers to escort migrants as part of an International Organisation for Migration (IOM) programme.” I write back and shortly after am briefed: “The task is to travel to Kathmandu to collect a group of around thirty refugees who have never flown before and to accompany them, via New Delhi, to Brussels where they will continue to the U.S.A. to start a new life.” I’m tempted... and a few months later I find myself on a plane to Kathmandu on my first ASF mission, which goes very well. No time to catch my breath, next I am called in as a volunteer to organise the first pool of volunteers brought in to assist the ASF office in Brussels. Not long afterwards, the director, Christian, approached me after a meeting and told me simply: “I need a head of mission with your technical skills to relaunch our oblique aerial photography project in Madagascar”... two months later and I’m in Antananarivo renting a small aircraft to carry out an aerial photography campaign intended to protect the Madagascan forests in the south of the country. All that in a backdrop of coups and political crises, but the job never ends at ASF!

Hope to see you soon...
Laurent Demanet

For ASF, volunteers represent the front line in interacting with the public. They provide a breadth of opinions, renew and share ideas, and supply constructive criticism ensuring that we don’t deviate from our mission and we grow in the right direction. In turn, volunteers benefit from a highly rewarding human and humanitarian experience through carrying out specific tasks and projects.