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ASF is a special meeting point, a place to share, and a workshop forging common values between the world of business, commercial aviation and the humanitarian and development world. 

An aeronautical and humanitarian hub

ASF aims to build bridges between the world of business, commercial air transport, and humanitarian and development organisations, which can coexist in many ways. ASF stands out due to its capacity to be a meeting point of interests, a hub between these worlds. 

Shared values with companies

Like many companies, ASF doesn’t falter in its quest to seek excellence and the most effective solutions to implement its missions. The organisation stands out in highly specialised sectors, highlights its USP, shows innovation and creativity, develops concepts and contributes real added value in the sectors where it conducts its activities.

An advisor and pioneer in the humanitarian aviation sector

ASF positions itself as an aviation advisor that accompanies humanitarian and development organisations in defining and implementing aerial components required to increase the efficiency of the operation. Therefore, ASF has developed and adapted unique and innovative products such as participatory humanitarian management of local air transport, or oblique aerial photography, which have been highly commended. 

Mobilisation around a joint project

All the conditions are therefore met to mobilise the human, material and/or financial resources of entities related to ASF projects through which they can emphasize their value, brought together by the humanitarian aim of these ventures. Regardless of the project size, it is important to learn lessons and actions that could have a demultiplier effect. 

Types of partnership with ASF

Companies can often financially support projects for humanitarian air transport, environmental protection or even escorting sick children. They can also host or sponsor regular publicised events. They can offer their expertise to ASF (donation of skills) and also offer visibility on their media.